Finance Department

The Accounting Department of the departments that follow the policy of the university and its implementation through the provision of distinguished services, with a high degree of efficiency and flexibility, to ensure the conduct of all financial procedures for both members of the academic and administrative bodies, students and external parties.


To provide the best services to all employees of the university from the academic and administrative bodies and students, through the adoption of financial procedures and instructions, through finding appropriate solutions and the use of modern technologies to achieve the productivity of high quality and quality


1. Studying the financial situation of the University in terms of sources of funding available and expected expenditure volume.

2. Analysis of funding and expenditure programs in terms of importance and priority in coordination with the concerned bodies at the university.

3. Prioritize spending in the light of available liquidity.

4. Preparing the periodic reports on the performance of the university financially and submitting them to the responsible authorities.

5. Preparation of final accounts of the University.

6. Preparing the university budget in coordination with all concerned bodies.

7. Oversee the implementation of the budget and prepare periodic reports thereon.

8. Receipt of fees and attachments and deposit in banks according to financial instructions.

9. To carry out the functions of the savings accounting unit, including the preparation of advances, loans and final accounts of the University Staff Savings Fund.

10. Preparation of strategic financial studies and plans for the university.

11. Managing joint ventures with the EU financially.