King Abdullah II School of Engineering


KING ABDULLAH II FACULTY OF ENGINEERING COURSES VIDEOS this playlist contains videos for Electric Machines by Dr. Dr. Omar R-Mohamed Elobidy.

Lecture 17 Dr. Omar R-Mohamed Elobidy: Power Flow in IM and Thevenin equivalent circuit

Lecture 18 Dr. Omar R-Mohamed Elobidy: Induction motor tests

lecture 19 Dr. Omar R-Mohamed Elobidy: performance Characteristic of IM

Lecture 21 Dr. Omar R-Mohamed Elobidy: Control of induction motors.

Lecture 22 Dr. Omar R-Mohamed Elobidy: Starting of IM and introduction to SM

Lecture 24: Machines SIMULINK library and analysis of SM.

Lecture 25 Dr. Omar Elobidy: Analysis of Cylindrical type SM.

Lecture 26 : Load Capability Curve of SM (Dr. Omar Elobidy)

Lecture 27 : Power Factor Control (Dr. Omar Elobidy)

Lecture 28 Salient Pole Synchronous Machines Dr Omar Elobidy 720p22 mp4

Lecture 29 : Power of Salient-Pole SM-Dr. Omar Elobidy

Lecture 30 Dr. Omar Elobidy : Analysis of Salient Pole SM

Lecture 31: Slip test and SM control

Lecture 32: Single phase IM (Dr. Omar Elobidy)

Lecture 33: Analysis of single phase induction motor

Lecture 34: Classification of single phase induction motors.

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