King Talal School of Business Technology

Master of Business Analytics - About

The Master of Business Analytics program is started in academic year 2019-2020 as one of King Talal School for Business Technology.


Business Analytics is an interdisciplinary filed in which information technologies are used to support people from the business world. Today, in the information age, business people are aware of the importance of business data. Data generated by executing the business processes (especially by means of Transactional Processing Systems) are recorded, processed, and analyzed. The aim is to discover interesting patterns, models, relationships, etc. that are valuable for managers to make their decisions.


Accordingly, the program provides courses in Information Technology (IT) and business. The student is required to pass 33 hours, 24 of them are compulsory and the remaining 9 are elective. Compulsory courses are more general. They are focus on the main concepts in Business Analytics such as research methods, data analysis approaches, data management, business strategies. Elective courses are more specific to one field of analysis. In addition they cover some advanced topics in IT such as big data analysis and artificial intelligence.