King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


The Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, established in 2004, is responsible for the follow-up of graduate studies such as the development of programs, their revision, and periodic updating, in accordance with the development of perspective curricula in prestigious universities and the needs of the market locally and regionally. This is done in coordination with the perspective academic schools in the university. In addition, the Deanship monitors graduate students' affairs in the various programs since they apply for admission until they graduate.

The university currently offers eleven graduate programs. King Hussein School of Computing Sciences offers a PhD program in Computer Science; and Master's degrees in Computer Science, Information Systems Security and Digital Criminology, Enterprise Systems Engineering, Data Science, and the latest is Technology Information Health. King Talal School of Business Technology School offers a master program in Business Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, and the latest is E-Marketing & Social Media. King Abdullah II School of Engineering offers a Master program in Electrical Engineering, an umbrella covering most of the electrical engineering disciplines, such as Computer Engineering, Communication Engineering, Power and Energy Engineering and Electronic Engineering, and the Master program in Engineering Management, a joint program with the University of Arizona in the US. Upon the completion of the program requirements, the student is eligible for two certificates, one from PSUT and one from the University of Arizona.

To encourage outstanding students and provide them with the opportunity to train on some academic work such as teaching, supervising laboratories, and engaging in scientific research, the University has adopted a policy of granting academically distinguished students scholarships in the form of TA or RA. These grants include exempting students from tuition and a monthly financial stipend. The Deanship also prepares the applications for the scholarship scheme for students who meet the criteria for obtaining scholarships from the Scientific Research Support Fund.

The university, through the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, coordinates scientific research, encourages and supports its publication, and provides financial support to faculty members and full-time lecturers at the university to carry out scientific research. It also encourages cooperation among researchers at the university and the establishment of specialized and interdisciplinary research teams. Furthermore, cooperation with other institutes locally and internationally is highly encouraged.

The budget of the university's scientific research consists of two main sources: the allocation of scientific research in the university budget, and the support of projects received by faculty members from outside the university. The university has a number of research projects funded from outside.

The scientific research at the university consists of the research activities of the faculty members, their research activities with graduate students through their supervision of the theses, and their research activities with the bachelor students through supervising their graduation projects. It is worth mentioning that the university is unique among the private Jordanian universities to grant faculty members Sabbatical leaves based on a scientific research project submitted by a faculty member and approved by the relevant committees and councils.

In order to provide opportunities for faculty members and graduate students to interact with researchers working in local, regional or international academic or research institutions the university encourages and supports their participation in specialized conferences. The University also encourages and supports organizing specialized conferences within Jordan, and encourages researchers to attend and participate in these conferences.

Because Universities' rankings, whether international or local, consider only research papers published in journals or conference proceedings that are indexed in (Thomson Reuters or Scopus), the University has given this issue much its proper attention. This is evident in the University's regulations and incentives. According to the regulation, a faculty member may not be tenured or promoted unless he publishes a certain number of researches work in journals indexed in (Thomson Reuters or Scopus). In addition, the university has introduced an incentive scheme that provides financial rewards for those who publish in prestigious high-impact journals.

Acting Dean of King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research 
Dr. George Sammour