Message from the Dean

The Deanship of Student Affairs is one of the most important basic units in the University due its strong, direct relationship with the students. It was established to provide students with a wide- ranging support network during their academic journey, covering administrative matters, health, social guidance, life skills, athletic, cultural, and arts services, all of which work together to create a comfortable and healthy atmosphere for our students, helping them to realize their full potential and gain success in their academic and creative pursuits.

We also encourage our students to play an active role in the development of their University by openly accepting their suggestions through the Student Council and the many students clubs, all of which goes to help in the improvement of our services.

Furthermore, one of our most important aims is to assist our students to build their characters in order to produce the future leaders of the society. For this reason, we regularly organize workshops aimed at building their personalities and developing their skills to produce a generation of well-educated, self-confident graduates who can lead the way in developing Jordanian society.



Dr. Rami Salim

(+962) 6 535 9949 Extension: 5651

Mobile: (+962) 77 957 7827