MoU between PSUT and Pio-Tech aims to create an innovation and digital solutions incubator

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - 14:15


Princess Sumaya University for Technology and Pio-Tech have signed a memorandum of understanding. The agreement aims at creating an incubator for innovation and digital solutions, as well as focusing on the fields of research and development, and supporting student and joint research projects. The MoU was signed by President of PSUT, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, and the CEO of Pio-Tech, Tariq Saffarini.

Under the terms of the MoU, the incubator will be made available to all researchers, as well as PhD and Master’s students, and Pio-Tech will guide their theses and projects by providing a list of topics from real-life cases. Pio-Tech will also lend support to conferences and workshops related to the development of Jordan’s IT sector.

Prof. Al-Refai reviewed the University's journey, its most prominent achievements and aspirations, its unique programs, and the high status it enjoys both locally and regionally. He went on to talk about PSUT’s focus on the international dimension in the fields of scientific research and student exchange programs run through agreements with prestigious universities. He drew attention to joint programs run in cooperation with American and European universities, in addition to its participation in 41 European projects, five of which are under PSUT leadership.

Al-Refai emphasized PSUT’s keenness to strengthen partnerships with leading institutions that have a strong presence and play an active role in the field of integrated solutions and systems. He welcomed this cooperation that will support the technology sector in Jordan, and praised the role of Pio-Tech in developing technological solutions that serve scientific research and the banking sector.

Saffarini praised PSUT for its excellence, the support it lends to the sectors operating in the technology arena, and the great role the University plays. He pointed out that the fields of cooperation with PSUT are not limited, and that he welcomes the adoption of new ideas regarding modern technology fields and their developments.

The signing of the memo was attended by Prof. Ghaith Al Rabadi, PSUT’s Vice President for Scientific Research and Development, the Dean of the King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Prof. Mohammad Sababheh, the Dean of the King Hussein School of Computing Sciences Dr. Ashraf Qaddoumi, and the Dean of Admissions and Registration Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Al-Saidi, Eng. Iyad Al-Dasouqi from the Joint Office for Research and Projects and Head of career guidance and alumni office Ms. Reema Al – Areeni. Attending on behalf of Pio-Tech was Chief of Operations Eyad Satari, Director of Human Resources and Strategic Assistant Umniat Al-Abadi and Head of Marketing Mahfooz  Khrawish.

Since 2003, Pio-Tech has emerged as one of the leading companies in the Middle East and Africa in providing banks with integrated solutions and systems. The company always aims to keep abreast of all developments in IT sciences, and its clients consider it their first choice as far as providing the best services and integrated solutions to banks and commercial facilities companies in the region.