The role of the Human Resources Department is the implementation and follow-up of PSUT’s policy to deliver excellent services with a high degree of efficiency and flexibility, ensuring the employment of the best staff in all areas of the University. The department also works in the service of current academic and administrative staff, aiming to create a comfortable, satisfying work environment and promote employee incentives that increase job satisfaction, and therefore improves productivity.


The department aims to provide the best services to all academic and administrative employees at the University through facilitating all aspects of their work by finding appropriate solutions and using modern technologies, with the ultimate goal of achieving the highest possible level of productivity and quality employee performance.


- The implementation of decisions relating to recruitment, training, transfer, promotion, annual salary increment and resignation, as well as all transactions with members of academic and administrative staff, all according to the resolutions of the Council of Deans, Personnel Committee and the Committee of Health Insurance.

- The follow-up of the renewal of contracts and conversion of employment status, after confirming the adherence to the applicable University rules and regulations.

- The provision of health insurance for insured employees and their legal beneficiaries, as well as receiving applications for subscription and renewal, and ensuring the legal age of users, in addition to issuing health insurance cards.

- The collection, collation, categorization and analysis of all data about academic and administrative staff, to be prepared to provide various statistics to official internal or external bodies that may request them.

- The documentation and assessment of all types of leave and early departures from work taking the necessary procedures in the event of exceeding the annual leave quota, and the preparation of reports explaining absences to be presented to medical committees.

- The preparation of agendas and visits of members of the Personnel and Health Insurance Committees, organization of their meetings, and the processing of transactions submitted to them and implementation of their decisions.

- Working with the Social Security Corporation to monitor and coordinate the payment of monthly and yearly subscriptions for all employees covered by the provisions of Social Security, and the follow-up on work-related injuries, retirement and so on.

- Working on the computerization of all procedures at the Section, facilitating the smooth transfer from paper and manual work to modern systems.

- The monitoring of administrative employees’ annual evaluations, as well as implementing the required results.

- Follow-up of employees enrolled in training courses through the signing of commitment contracts, and ensuring that they receive the diplomas for courses completed.

-Providing Financial Affairs with the functional procedures for increasing salaries, recruitment, settlement of rights, salary deductions, etc., and ensuring that these matters are reflected in the systems in order to be reflected in salaries.

- Follow up on payroll matters

- Follow-up health insurance for employees on the job or after service.

- Management of employee life insurance through follow-up with the University and the relevant insurance company, and providing statements concerning the University staff.

- Reviewing regulations and continuously developing them in accordance with the development of the University.

Issuing all letters for staff, whether direct to embassies or related to the attendance of conferences, in addition to providing personal statements and certificates of service.

-The performance of all appointment procedures, starting from the identification of vacancies, advertising those vacancies, the short-listing process, leading to an official appointment after duly and fairly complete the entire process.

-Follow-up of the affairs of those employed on a daily basis, including leave time and overtime, and the preparation of their own month-end payroll.

- Implementation of the decisions of the Board of Deans regarding the scholarship through advertising in the newspapers, receiving applications, and follow-up, and then proceed to the procedures of sending in accordance with the regulations in force at the University.

- Follow-up of additional work / leave allowance for the administrative staff.

- Follow-up staff attendance and application of related instructions.