PSUT Holds Campaign against Coronavirus

Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 12:15

Princess Sumaya University for Technology has organized an awareness campaign for its students and employees to highlight the best ways to deal with Coronavirus by reviewing the symptoms of infection, the ways in which it spreads, and methods of prevention and treatment. The campaign involved the distribution of specially designed leaflets and brochures, stressing the importance of accurate diagnosis of the virus and urging the need to use modern methods of analysis which are appropriate for the disease’s long incubation period. Emphasis was also laid on the importance of rapid diagnosis that reduces the rate at which the virus spreads.

The campaign also involved the distribution of hand sanitizer packages throughout the University. A health awareness week will be organized on the PSUT campus in the near future where experts and specialists will talk about the origins of the virus, how it develops and ways to prevent it, and the importance of avoiding respiratory infections.