PSUT signs a cooperation agreement with Orange Jordan to recognize training certificates for Coding Academy graduates

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 08:15


Within the framework of their ongoing cooperation to improve the quality of education and adopt global developments in the technical fields, Princess Sumaya University for Technology and Orange Jordan have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of training, signed by the President of the University, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, and the company’s CEO, Terry Marini.

According to the agreement, the University will recognize the training certificates issued by the company's Coding Academy for the second group of graduates and those that follow in their footsteps. This step comes from the company's keenness, as a leading digital provider, to offer students of the academic program, which is run in cooperation with its partner with the aim of "training for employment" greater job opportunities for young people and provide companies with qualified and trained competencies in the field of programming.

Al-Refai stated that the ongoing cooperation between PSUT and the company constitutes new job opportunities for young people, within the system of digital renaissance. He also praised the support provided by the company to outstanding PSUT students to help them complete their studies, saying that this indicates the company's appreciation of the good reputation of the University’s graduates and their distinction in the local and regional labor market.

Marini emphasized that the company is fully aware of the importance of training young people in line with market requirements and employers' aspirations. He noted that Orange Jordan has adopted a broad concept of the training process that will help young trainees by opening up a wide field for them to find job opportunities in different sectors and help them in charting their careers and achieving their ambitions.

Marini said that the company's efforts in this field had resulted in the establishment of the Orange Coding Academy, which has empowered its first wave of graduates to improve their competitive value in the labor market. He added that more than 70% of them found a good job opportunity before the end of the training course, announcing that the Academy’s second intake would start training soon, after selection has been completed of 50 young women and men who will receive intensive training for a period of six months in the most important programming languages ​​and the necessary personal skills for employment. They will also undergo a month of practical training.

Orange Jordan provides annual scholarships for outstanding PSUT students at the Bachelor's and Master's levels, in addition to providing free Wi-Fi services in the Green Square on campus and sponsoring a number of activities organized by PSUT.