Public Service Department

The public Services Section is one of the departments of the Administrative Department, and seeks to provide better services to ensure the comfort of staff and students the following:

  •  Planning, supervision, follow-up and implementation of all units of the department, unit of maintenance unit, unit of agriculture and hygiene, unit of movement and division.
  • Supervising all engineering works such as civil and electrical construction, sanitary installations, air conditioning, supervision of daily and periodic maintenance work, and securing water and electricity for various university facilities.
  • Providing drinking water and irrigation water.. Plant trees, plants, annuals and green spaces of all kinds in the squares and gardens of the university
  •  Attention to the crops in the campus in terms of irrigation, tillage, weeding, fertilization, pruning and all necessary services for agriculture.
  • Monitor the activities of cafeterias and kiosks and abide by the implementation of the terms of the agreement.
  • Follow-up cleaning service and maintenance of all the facilities of the university through the company concerned.
  • Secure the means of transport for students who are involved in the transportation service of students and according to the available possibilities.
  •  Providing various means of transportation for participants in conferences, seminars and participants in scientific, cultural, sports and recreational trips for students within the Kingdom, and providing all transport services for the various works of the university,
  • Carry out all possible maintenance work necessary for the various university mechanisms and follow up the insurance and licensing of vehicles,
  • Providing landline and cellular telephone calls, answering and transferring them to those concerned, as well as conducting the necessary on the official telephone bills as well as the water and electricity bills.
  •  Ensure the validity of public safety devices (fire extinguishers, alarms ...) and work to maintain them through the competent companies.
  •  Follow-up of the agreements of the department with external companies.
  • To carry out any other services that need coordination and follow-up with non-university bodies such as the Municipality of Amman, Agriculture, Water and others, which are associated with the University's services.