King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


In this page, we list some questions that have been raised by faculty members about regulations and promotion.

Is there any difference between open access journals and regular journals in terms of promotion?

No, a paper published in an open access journal is treated the same way as a regular journal.

Are the published papers in the magazines' special issues counted for promotion?

Yes, as long as the issue is specialized and the journal itself is eligible.

What is the minimum years of service at the university for the purpose of promotion?

The minimum is three continuous years, according to the system in place. In addition to full term of 5 years at the rank.

In terms of length of time, when can a faculty member apply for promotion?

The faculty member can apply for promotion after 1 to 3 years of service at the University, and 2 to 4 years and 8 months in the rank.

What is an early promotion?

The time required to promotion become four years instead of five, when the faculty member doubled works and points needed for the promotion. 

The faculty member can apply for promotion after: a- three years of service in the university, b- three years and four months in the rank.

What is the difference between Faculty staff regulations and Faculty staff instructions?

The Jordanian Universities Law states that public universities shall issue regulations; that act as general legislation regulating university provisions with faculty staff. After that, the university sets instructions to clarify the generalities contained in regulations; as they deem appropriate. The Universities Law obliges private universities to adopt a system of a public university. For example: in terms of a promotion; the regulations do not address the number of points and works and their classification, but it mentions that the faculty member promotion depends on the activities of a faculty member in general; and here comes the role of the instruction in setting the conditions appropriate of interest. Therefore, we find two universities adopting the same system, but their instructions differ in some details.

Is research extracted from masters and doctoral thesis counted for promotion purposes?

The extracted researches from the master's or doctoral thesis of the researcher himself is not counted. However, if the research is extracted from a student thesis, one research from each master thesis and two from each doctoral dissertation will be counted, without a maximum limit for the total number of research papers.

Do Scopus and Clarivate analytics journals make a difference in calculating promotion points?

There is no difference, according to the instructions in place.

Is "Emerging Source" classified as a Category 1 magazine?