Research & Development

Research and Development



Vision and Mission

To achieve PSUT’s mission and to steer the university towards its vision of being the “most innovative university in Jordan and beyond”, it is important to emphasize the role that research and development (R&D) must play. PSUT has recently been doing very well in terms of research publications, but it is necessary to maximize the local and global impact of the research that faculty and student conduct. Innovation cannot happen without strong research programs that go beyond publications and citations, and to be part of an innovation eco system, a technology university like PSUT should focus its effort on positioning its R&D effort to maximize the output of the innovation value chain.

The faculty members at PSUT understand this and we continuously aim to align the necessary policies and resources to maximize the impact of our research. This translates to producing intellectual property (IP) such as patents, licensing, technology transfer and commercialization. This requires investing more in R&D, pursuing grants opportunities, capitalizing on student and faculty work to further develop their ideas beyond the classroom, balancing our teaching loads with R&D activities, establishing stronger ties with the industry, and enabling our faculty and students to make steady strides towards the goal and vision. Our success is dependent on our capabilities and policies. We believe we have very capable faculty and student body for whom we need to design and align policies that will unlock their potential.