Under the patronage of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Jordan’s 12th edition of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 draws to a close

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 - 14:45

HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, President of the Royal Scientific Society and Chair of the Board of Trustees of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, sponsored the closing ceremony of the 12th edition of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 in Jordan, which was organized by the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship at the University, in strategic partnership with the European Union and the Umniah Business Incubator. Also involved in the activities were 55 supporting agencies, 13 media platforms, and a technical partnership with two companies: Rumman Communication Agency and Wayfair Platform Developers. 220 events took place, distributed throughout all governorates of the Kingdom, through visual communication technology.

The Week’s activities, which aimed to enhance the culture of entrepreneurship and its role in supporting the economy, and shed light on entrepreneurial experiences of young people and Jordanian success stories, revolved around several points of focus, the most important of which are education and its role in promoting entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and innovation, the policy and law and the government's role in helping entrepreneurship to flourish, networking of institutions supporting entrepreneurial projects around the world and facilitating cooperation and partnership among them, and the axis of inclusiveness that addresses the most important obstacles faced by entrepreneurs from disadvantaged populations, and offers solutions through success stories, training and mentorship.

In a speech from HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, delivered on her behalf by the President of PSUT, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, Her Highness praised this important event which is organized each year by the center, and the importance of the topics covered. Her Highness called on the need for cooperation and joint work, at local, national and global levels, to overcome the exceptional circumstances caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, which has changed our lifestyle and habits, and made us rearrange our priorities.

Her Highness also focused on the role of youth, saying: “Hope is naturally entrusted to young people, for they are the first and most important wealth, the future generation, its hope and its leaders, and we look forward with great confidence and optimism to what they will offer their nation and their homelands, so we must take care of them, mentor them, educate them and make them aware of their duties and responsibilities towards their homelands. We must empower them, through innovation and leadership, to transform challenges into opportunities with a tangible economic and social impact, and to establish productive entrepreneurial projects and institutions.

At the close of the speech, Her Highness thanked the attendees, those in charge of the Week and its supporters, and the media apparatus. The Princess also thanked the organizers and sponsors of the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Award, and congratulated the award winners.

The Director of QRCE, Mohammed Obaidat, expressed his pride in the results achieved by the Week despite the prevailing health conditions, indicating that communication and interaction were on the whole smooth and easy, and that the number of those who attended the events exceeded seven thousand people.

The Head of Marketing at Umniah, Zaid Ibrahim, said, “The company has worked since its inception to support the entrepreneurial environment, based on the belief that it is the biggest catalyst for economic growth and the most prominent contributor to the gross product.” He emphasized that Umniah has organized many virtual events and activities in various fields, including the importance of integrating the efforts of the entrepreneurial environment in supporting startups, information security and cybersecurity, funding opportunities for start-ups, and supporting national innovation.

The Deputy General Manager of the Microfund for Women, Lama Zawati, said, “The company's commitment to supporting the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Award comes from its belief in the importance of the award and its direct impact in supporting, developing and honing the skills of young entrepreneurs. We also support its focus on employing information technology in many creative ideas that can be turned into actual successful projects, its contribution to youth employment and putting Jordan's name on the global leadership map.”

Mr. Hamza Shamayleh, Director General of the "Leaders International" organization in Jordan/European Union, said, "The organization seeks to accelerate the process of economic growth and the continuous development of entrepreneurs and innovative ideas, which constitutes a major part of our work in Jordan and the region." He added that during the past four years, with co-financing from the EU, the Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprises (JADE) has been able to support more than 80 startups, small and medium enterprises, and work with a number of business incubators and associations in various sectors, as well as promoting the culture of leadership and innovation through various activities.

The results of the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Award, now in its tenth year, were announced at the end of the ceremony, with Martha Jordan in first place, Sager Company in second, and Qaleb Studio in third. Additionally, the results of the Jordanian University Student Competition saw victory for the Permula team from the University of Applied Sciences, with Alfredo Books from the University of Jordan placed second, and the Mohtaj team from Mu'tah University ranked third.

The QRCE seeks to place Jordan on the global leadership map among 170 countries who participated in Global Entrepreneurship Week. This event has been organizing for the past 11 years, in partnership with supporting institutions and organizations and those that are up and coming in the economic and developmental fields. The main endeavor is to empower youth and create opportunities for growth and development.

Entrepreneurship Week is the largest global event to celebrate innovators and job creators who launch startups to bring their ideas to life, drive economic growth and increase the well-being of societies. Thousands of events and competitions are organized worldwide with the aim of inspiring millions to engage in entrepreneurial activity and promoting networking between potential collaborators, mentors and investors.