University Security Section

The University Security Department works to maintain the internal security of the University and the safety of its facilities and properties, in cooperation with other bodies inside and outside the University, by performing the following tasks:

  • Review the developments and security issues that fall within the various deanships and departments of the university, follow up and inform the university presidency of any security violation associated with it.
  • Guarding and monitoring the university's entrance and all buildings and facilities and mechanisms, and organizing the entry of students, employees and visitors to the campus around the clock.
  • Guard the guarding of the outer walls and prevent the removal of any equipment or property except by order of the officials or taking the approval of the authority.
  • Monitor the time of the employees and monitor the entry of employees of the service companies and their workers and their exit from the university and all who enter the university campus.
  • Checking the entry permits for the cars of the employees allowed to enter the university and the temporary permits to request and supervise parking lots.
  •  Maintain security and order within the university and prevent clashes and riots.
  • Prevent the distribution of publications only after obtaining the prior approval of the owner of the authority, and to notify the competent authorities of any incident that disturb the security and order and good work and study at the university.
  • Security supervision of all activities carried out by the university, such as student elections, graduation ceremonies, artistic ceremonies, student registration, and any other activities.
  • Report any failures within the university during the night security tours.
  • Maintain public safety, and treat any emergency such as fire or bad weather, by available means.