King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


Fulfill the university vision to become a globally connected regional center of research excellence; and to provide the market locally, regionally and globally with highly competent qualified graduates.
Conduct world-class research and creative activities that develop knowledge; preparing highly competent qualified graduates, thus contributing to the economic growth and social advancement of Jordan.
Goals and Objectives
1. Widen Scope and Enhance Quality of Research through:
  • Nexus between Research and Education (involving graduate and undergraduate students in research activities)
  • Aspire for Excellence in Research Performance (encouraging faculty members to increase their research out-put and publish in reputed journals)
  • Enhance and improve research infrastructure.
  • Adopt and Develop a Researcher Development Framework (conducting capacity-building workshops for researchers).

2. Build and Strengthen International Research Partnerships and Strategic Alliances through:

  • Expand and Develop Strategic Partnerships with International Academic Institutions Focused on Common Areas of Research.
  • Connect People and Organizations by Proactively Engaging in Pairing, Matchmaking, and Relationship Building.
3. Enhance and diversify our graduate programs through:
  • Encourage and establish interdisciplinary graduate programs.
  • Develop new high quality academic and professional graduate programs.
  • Establish joint graduate programs with prestigious institutes.
  • Encourage and facilitate joint supervision of graduate students with prestigious institutes.
  • Attract and enroll highly qualified students to the graduate programs.
  • Build the capacity of faculty members and researchers involved in the graduate programs.
  • Attract and secure the financial resources required for the graduate programs.
  • Secure financial support for the graduate students.