Widespread praise for the Center of Excellence for Library Services at Jordanian Private Universities, and five new universities expand its membership

Thursday, December 17, 2020 - 23:30

Five universities have joined the membership of the "Center of Excellence for Library Services at Private Jordanian Universities", which was recently established at Princess Sumaya University for Technology with the aim of facilitating the sharing of knowledge and helping to face the continuing challenges in the world of libraries.  The Center will also provide an environment supportive of the scientific research movement. Twelve universities are now members of the center, and the door to membership remains open to other private Jordanian universities and research and educational institutions.

The universities, International Islamic Sciences, Petra, Applied Sciences, the National University of Technology, and Zarqa joined the Center during a meeting chaired by the Vice President of PSUT and Chair of the Center's Board of Directors Prof. Mohammad Sababheh in the presence of all the library directors of the member universities.

The meeting discussed a number of matters related to the reality of private university libraries in Jordan and the challenges they face, how to face these challenges and the possibility of finding opportunities that would enhance information and knowledge sharing among these universities. The meeting also dealt with developing a work map that would unify the work among the libraries of the Center’s member universities, focusing on participation in electronic databases and related technical procedures, as well as discussions about how to market the services and additional capabilities provided by the Center. The members agreed on the need to design a special logo for the Center in addition to a website as a first step in the marketing process

The presidents of the member universities praised, in press statements, the importance of establishing the Center, looking forward to participatory work that supports the progress of their universities and enhances their work. The President of PSUT, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, expressed his happiness at the establishment of the Center, indicating that it is the first of its kind amongst private universities in the Arab world and the region, and represents a qualitative, pioneering step in the way of cooperation between universities. It also serves to unify work mechanisms and tools in accordance with local and international professional library standards.

The President of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Prof. Sari Hamdan, said, “I am pleased to express the full extent of my pride in Princess Sumaya University for Technology, represented by HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of its Board of Trustees, for adopting the initiative that serves all universities by unifying mechanisms of collective participation in information resources.”

The President of Philadelphia University, Prof. Mutaz Sheikh Salem, pointed out that the Center of Excellence for Library Services is a qualitative addition to collaborative library and university work and a renewed vision for better dissemination of databases at a lower cost, which paves the way for faculty researchers a valuable opportunity to access high quality information sources in a better, faster way, and with less effort.

The President of Al-Isra University, Prof. Ahmad Nuseirat, said that the establishment of the Center is a participatory act that has a strategic advantage in the world of knowledge and facing challenges in the field of libraries and scientific research.

The President of Irbid National University, Prof. Ahmad Mansour Al-Khasawneh, said that the Center will be an authoritative reference, in order to achieve the goal of streamlining knowledge sharing, sourcing of mixed academic resources, and rationalization of financial expenditures, which contributes to achieving the optimal concept of human resources and the professionalism of standard library management in both the printed and digital aspects.

The President of Middle East University, Prof. Ala'aldeen Tawfiq al-Halhouli, stated that the Center promotes the principle of partnership among members, supports networking with local and international institutions and research centers, provides them with databases, and enables students to access information easily and effectively.

The President of Aqaba University of Technology, Prof. Mohammad Sanad Abu Darwish, praised the prominent role of the Center in the framework of constructive cooperation between the libraries of member universities in light of the process of organizing the information network and sharing in information and knowledge resources by working to establish an integrated information system for libraries.

The President of the World Islamic Science & Education University, Prof. Mohamad Al-khalaileh, explained that the Center will have a major role in strengthening the frameworks for constructive cooperation between the libraries of the member universities to manage and organize a national information network to achieve the sharing of information and knowledge resources available therein and to provide access to them by creating online links between them.

The President of the University of Petra, Prof. Marwan Muwalla, expressed the university's pride in its membership in the Center, noting its importance in uniting the efforts of private universities and sharing the information resources necessary to build scientific research.

The President of the Applied Science Private University, Prof. Mahfouz Judeh, confirmed that the Center came to create an environment supportive of the educational and research movement and standardize work mechanisms in accordance with local and international standards.

The President of the National University College of Technology, Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaymeh, commended the cooperation between the member libraries of the Center, saying that this would guide expenditures by unifying the process of collective contributions with information sources, and by establishing an integrated information system for the Center’s member libraries.

The President of Zarqa University, Prof. Jihad Hamdan, emphasized that the Center's importance stems from the fact that it provides a platform for cooperation and partnership between private universities and university libraries, which provides opportunities for inter-library cooperation in the areas of exchange of resources, expertise and information services, in addition to providing a unified system for linking private university libraries.

The Center’s founding universities are PSUT, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Philadelphia, Al-Isra, Irbid National University, the Middle East University, and Aqaba University of Technology