Workshop for Erasmus plus - ELEGANT project held at PSUT

Thursday, September 1, 2022 - 09:45


Attended by participating parties from Jordan and Lebanon, a workshop for the "ELEGANT" project, supported by the EU’s Erasmus program, was held at Princess Sumaya University for Technology, with the aim of developing new strategies to get students involved in coming up with advanced ideas, training them on recruitment selection processes, and organizing projects that establish effective communication between employers and universities.
The two-day workshop, which was presented by Dr. Marina Ventura, the CEO of the Portuguese company Psicoglobal Ltd, aims to ensure that the participating institutions are moving in the same direction in developing and training basic skills and assisting advisors and mentors.
PSUT’s project Contact person  Mr. Yazan Abu Yaghi, welcomed the participants, and Prof. Walid Salameh spoke about the importance of having creative ideas that allow students to enter the labor market smoothly. He also mentioned the need to cooperate with operational recruitment agencies, highlighting the point that the role of universities is not simply to issue certificates, but rather they are a source for achieving societal power that feeds competencies.
The project seeks to improve teaching and learning in the participating universities, boost the employability of its graduates, and create favorable conditions for applied research cooperation and information exchange with influential labor market companies.