research group

Several research groups structure have evolved over time in response to cope with priorities and opportunities. Descriptions of the groups provide details of teams, personnel and contact details.

Signals and Multimedia Processing       

The aim of this research group is to design a system that locates lost objects in both indoor and outdoor environments. The target audience are average people with smart, portable and handheld devices such as smartphones. The lost objects are either people or things. To consider real and practical scenarios of lost objects, no prior information about the environment shall be known.

Big Data and Cloud Computing   

Various applied research, applications and topics to be investigated and to eventually establish long-term research projects in the following directions:

(a) Smart cities and IoT devices & applications.

(b) Big data and machine learning based automatic speech recognition systems for mobile applications.

(c) Wireless network performance evaluation and enhancements using big data and machine learning.


Intelligent Embedded Systems   

The aim of this research project is to create a unified intelligent protocol for unmanned aerial vehicle which should be responsible for:

• Maintain collision avoidance functionality

• Optimize the path planning for UAVs

• Allow for priority in UAV maneuvers based on UAV type.


Advanced Microelectronics   

The project aims to design a robust voltage controlled oscillator, VCO, that can automatically compensate for changes in environment and manufacturing corners and provide a stable frequency without the need of Phase Locked Loops.


Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Systems      

The research group conducts advanced research in areas of smart grids with current focus on demand side management and real time pricing and exploring the use of solar energy to power street lighting systems.

Computer and Network Security

The aim of this group is to conduct research in the following areas: Botnet Detection and Prevention, Forensic Investigation of the Internet of Things, Big Data Forensics, Network Flow Analysis, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Digital Forensics and Anti-Forensics, Malware Analysis and Memory Forensics, Cryptography in Embedded and Reconfigurable Systems.


Natural Language Processing and Text Mining

The aim of this group is to extract knowledge from natural language texts mainly Arabic texts through the development of solutions in the following areas: Semantic Processing, Lexical Semantics and Ontology, Latent Semantic Analysis, Linguistic Resources, Arabic Text Entailment, Machine Translation, Text Mining, Arabic Natural Language Processing.


Social Media Marketing

The aim of this group is to conduct research in the following areas: Facebook and Twitter Advertising, Content Marketing, Real-Time Marketing, B2B in the Context of Social Media, Social Media and Consumer Behavior.


Emotional Marketing

The aim of this group is to conduct research in the following areas: Emotional Branding, Emotional Selling, Emotional Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement.

E-business and ICT adoption

The main aim of this research group is to promote and exchange ideas on e-business research and applications. It also collaborates in building and validating e-business theory and practice. The research group also explores issues related to e-government development and implementation.  Research interests include Information and Communication Technologies adoption especially in developing countries.


Energy, Environments and Economics

The research group investigates the use of renewable energy technology and the environment parameters impact on solar modules including all areas related to performance of these modules. The group also studies the implementation of solar panels for a green building in Jordan to generate solar energy and to support the electricity supplied by the national grid. This is to reduce the annual electricity bill, in addition to eliminate the CO2 emission. The study also to find the positive impact of implementation such systems for a local residential small project in Jordan, taking into consideration the escalating oil and natural gas prices, and the decrease in photovoltaic technology cost. These works resulted in one book, five international conference papers, three international journal published papers, and three international journals in review process.