Sponsored Projects Office

The Sponsored Projects Office serves as a central resource to support research and projects carried out at PSUT by providing guidance and stewardship for the research community and the School.

Our mission is to foster research administration excellence in support of PSUT's efforts to achieve global leadership in research. 

Each Sponsored Projects Officer is part of a specialized area and is assigned to focus on proposals for the Schools. 

The Office provides pre-award services, post-award services, and self-support program management services for PSUT’s sponsored programs and projects.

To identify and put in place culturally-relevant systems and best practices for:

    1. Identifying R&D and outreach funding opportunities on a regular basis in order to disseminate them to appropriate faculty members and/or research staff in the most efficient and effective manner possible;
    2. Match-making between funding opportunities and capabilities based on research interest and expertise;
    3. Conducting regular proposal writing workshops to educate and train faculty and research staff on how to develop competitive proposals of different types (research, capacity building, training);
    4. Pre-award support for faculty members and research staff via their own specific proposals, which includes technical writing, budget development, intellectual property management and contracting issues, among others;
    5. Post-award support for faculty members and research staff with the management of grants and contracts, such as billing, invoicing sponsors, processing payments, meeting deadlines, submitting deliverables, and closing out projects.

  •  Office Responsibilities:

SPO team services and support include the following:

    • Sponsored programs communication and publications; funding alerts, and custom searches.
    • Grant-search consultations; guidance on use of grant-search tools.
    • Grant-related workshops and webinars.
    • Review of sponsor guidelines.
    • Coordination and assistance with proposal plans, project budgets, and submission timelines.
    • Review and verification of compliance.
    • Proposal routing for authorized signers’ approvals.
    • Award negotiation and acceptance on behalf of the PI.
    • New account setup, including creation of timelines for deliverables.
    • Project management orientation for PIs.
    • Oversight of day-to-day fiscal management and compliance regulations.
    • Monitoring of budgets and cash flow.
    • Project closeout in collaboration with Finance and Accounting and with Human Resources.

Funding Agencies

Budget Limit

Country of Origin


Abdul Hameed Shoman Scientific Research Support

As per announced


Scientific Research

Industrial Scientific Research and Development Fund/HCST

As per announced


The main functions of Industrial Scientific Research and Development Fund:

  1. Supporting Jordanian industries to invest in science and technology to achieve marked development in terms of production processes and industrial management, product quality and development, as well as to improve the competitiveness of Jordanian industries.
  2. Encourage Jordanian industries to support research and development and to benefit from the results.
  3. Finding suitable opportunities for universities, scientific research centers and consulting firms to link their research activities to the needs of industry.
  4. Identifying the problems that face different industries and guiding them on how to solve these problems.
  5. Bridging the gap between research institutions, scientific research centers, and industry and linking them together.
  6. Making Jordanian industries aware of the importance of research and development to improve productivity and thus increase competitiveness.

King Abdullah II Fund for Development

15,000 JD


Applied Scientific Research Project

Application Terms 

  1. The researcher must be a Jordanian national.
  2. The  researcher should be aged between 22 and 40 years.
  3. The researcher should have scientific and practical experience in the field of research presented.
  4. The research presented is workable and within available and reasonable resources.
  5. Funding required for the research should not exceed 15,000 JOD.
  6. The period of work in the submitted research should not be less than six months and not more than two years.
  7. The applied scientific research must not have funding from other parties while applying or after admission.

Scientific Research Support Fund

25,000 JD


Postdoctoral Scholarship Program & Visiting Researcher Program

Hamdi Mango Center

Per call


The strategic focus is to support R&D for students and professors.

Ali and Samia Mango Award 2021

National Center for Research and Development

Per call


The strategic focus is on developing research capabilities in Jordan and facilitating the networking of researchers

Newton – Khalidi Fund

Per call


Focus on energy, water management, agricultural technology and food security, cultural heritage, bio-technology and bio-security, and nanotechnology

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Per call



IDRC offers grants, funding, and awards to researchers and institutions to find solutions for global development challenges.

Through calls for research proposals, IDRC fund projects that aim to foster climate-resilient food systems, global health, education and science, democratic and inclusive governance, and sustainable and inclusive economies in developing countries. Gender equality and inclusion are also central to IDRC strategy and the research they support.

The Canadian Bureau for International Education



The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) administers the International Scholarships Program (ISP) of Global Affairs Canada. The ISP is comprised of 14 select scholarship components that provide international students and researchers with study and research opportunities in Canada, and that provide Canadian students, researchers and professionals with study and research opportunities abroad.


Per call


Eligibility Requirements

Only postdoctoral researchers at an early career phase are eligible to apply to this programme. The project may not be based at a for-profit entity or one that does not permit the publication of findings in a generally accessible form.

The fellowship amount is made up of the basic allowance and, where applicable, additional benefits such as a foreign  allowance, cost of living allowance and benefits for parents.

Award Calculator

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Per call


Here you can find information on various kinds of DAAD funding for students, graduates and postdocs, as well as on funding offered by other selected organisations.

 Postdoctoral Researcher: Scholarship Database

CRDF Global

Per call


Opportunities for funding are available in the form of research grants, fellowships, business plan competitions, technical training, laboratory upgrades, and travel support to attend professional conferences and events. You need to check the current opportunities for funding.

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Per call


Sponsor scientists and scholars, irrespective of academic discipline and nationality. Strengthen Germany as a research location through international research exchanges. Support sponsorship recipients during their entire lifetimes and actively promote international understanding, scientific progress, and development.


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New oppurtunities will be announced here

Training and Webinars:

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Writing Competitive Research Proposals that Win Funding


The Sponsored Projects Office staff are here to serve the PSUT research community. Below you will find more information about our staff. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concern:

Ms. Nisreen Altaie

Email: grantoffice@psut.edu.jo

Tel: +962 6 5359 949   Ext: 5703