Social Guidance Office

A social office was established in the Deanship of Student Affairs to provide social support services, which are specialized for public university students, and for students with special needs, to develop the student’s personality and aspects.

Tasks of the Social Counseling Office:

  1. Support services for students with special needs.
  2. Individual interviews and case studies of the student.
  3. Psychological counseling.
  4. Collective counseling.
  5. Family counseling.
  6. Organizing targeted awareness sessions and seminars related to psychological fields and affecting the needs of students.
  7. Cooperating with relevant institutions to set up meaningful events at the university.
  8. Preparing indicative topics affecting students to be published on the university's website and circulated to students.
  9. Conducting exploratory studies on topics related to students' needs, such as the level of awareness of the dangers of drugs among university students, the phenomenon of cheating among students, distance learning, and other topics.
  10. Organizing awareness activities on a regular basis.
  11. Forming and following up the activities of the students of the Social and Psychological Guidance Committee.