Social Counseling Office


To prepare students who are self-confident, who enjoy sound mental health, who are productive and active in society, who are able to take responsibility, and who possess decision-making skills that are commensurate with their abilities and capabilities within the framework of values ​​and trends, within the accepted social standards. We aim to help students to adopt a scientific methodology in addressing problems, to become individuals that are fully-rounded, psychologically, educationally and socially, and who are able to play their roles in life with efficiency and competence.


The Social Guidance Office works to provide psychological support services to students to overcome psychological, behavioral, social and emotional difficulties and disorders that may affect their performance. The Office also provides psychological support to students to explore their abilities and potentials to achieve success and development.

Services provided by the Social Guidance Office:

  • Therapeutic services, including: individual and group sessions, where the Office provides psychological and behavioral support to students.
  • Preventive services, including: workshops and events through which the Office provides advisory information to support the student’s journey in the various aspects of life, and through which the Office seeks to spread awareness of mental health culture, and methods of prevention and development. The Office also publishes brochures and information, through which it seeks to maintain continuous communication with students and spread awareness of mental health culture and introduce preventive methods in the psychological field.

Examples of some areas in which the Office provides services:

  • Academic aspect: exam anxiety, stress management, improving concentration and memory, time management, etc.
  • Psychological aspect: overcoming psychological difficulties such as general anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety, trauma anxiety, and depression, etc.
  • Social aspect: family problems, etc.
  • Acquisition and development of self-development skills: building self-confidence, overcoming the habit of procrastination, and finding motivation.
  • Students can contact the Office directly, should they encounter any difficulties or psychological, behavioral or social disorders. The faculty members can also refer students who are experiencing psychological or behavioral difficulties or disorders to the Social Guidance Office, after obtaining permission from the student to do so.
  • All other PSUT centers and departments can transfer students in need and those who are experiencing difficulties and various psychological, behavioral and social disorders to the Office, after obtaining permission from the student.
  • It is worth noting that all matters discussed between the student and the counselor will be confidential. Some students may benefit from one or two sessions to develop their skills in solving their simple problems, but others may need more than that to deal with more difficult issues.

You can book an appointment through the email or call 0795608043, the Social Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Noor Karmol.

Social Counseling Office Brochure

Activities organized by the Social Guidance Office:

The annual ‘Think Pink’ Campaign:

Organized by the Social Guidance Office in the Deanship of Student Affairs, and in cooperation with the Jordanian Breast Cancer Program at the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, this campaign represents PSUT’s ongoing commitment to supporting the efforts and work of the Foundation and striving to spread its humanitarian message. The Office seeks to organize the campaign annually in conjunction with the International Month for Breast Cancer Awareness, as these activities change the stereotyped image of this disease through awareness of the possibility of overcoming and curing it. The campaign includes awareness activities, the distribution of pink ribbons, short film screenings, setting up a women's health advice booth, distributing brochures and magazines, collecting donations to support the program, and educational lectures.


Annual International Women’s Day:

This event is organized by the Social Guidance Office in the Deanship of Student Affairs, and in cooperation with many local community institutions concerned with women’s affairs. The Office is keen to organize the event annually in conjunction with International Women's Day. The event includes screenings of short films, success stories of women and their role in society, and awareness lectures.


Regular events and exhibitions to raise awareness about the dangers of drugs, held in cooperation with the Narcotics Control Department.

Participation in youth workshops throughout the Kingdom

Field trips to exhibitions and events

Visit to Amman Design Fair

A visit to the Jordan Museum


Lectures and awareness-raising advisory sessions:

  • Awareness lectures dealing with topics such as adjusting to the university environment, anger and stress management, and the negative impact of social media on students. The lectures were held via Zoom, with the participation of psychologists:

Dr. Nada Al-Dakhil - Sunday 17/10/2021 and Monday 14/3/2022

Dr. Laith Al-Abadi - Tuesday 26/10/2021

  • Wednesday, 20/10/2021 - Dr. Omar Saleh presented a public awareness lecture on mental health at the Louay Shammout Auditorium.

  • Wednesday 27/10/2021 - Dr. Zaid Alkayed presented a public awareness lecture on mental health at the Louay Shammout Auditorium.

  • Wednesday 3/11/2021 - Dr. Zaid Alkayed gave a face-to-face counseling session at the Louay Shammout Auditorium and talked about anxiety, fear, and relaxation techniques. The students and the doctor engaged in a discussion about some important issues raised by the students, and they applied relaxation techniques as a practical training at the end of the meetings. 
  • Wednesday 10/11/2021, the Louay Shammout Auditorium - Psychologist Malik Al-Shami led an advisory awareness session about panic attacks, what causes them, and ways to deal with them. The participants were trained on techniques for dealing with panic attacks that may occur as a result of various situations. The meeting was very effective and fruitful. The students expressed their happiness with the training, which they considered necessary during the current period.
  • Wednesday 24/11/2021, the Louay Shammout Auditorium - Psychologist Omar Saleh led an advisory awareness session about exam anxiety, what causes it, and ways to deal with it. The participants were trained on techniques for dealing with anxiety attacks that may occur during an exam.