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The idea of establishing the Office for Careers Guidance and Alumni Affairs and the King Abdullah II Fund for Development in Jordanian universities came as a result of the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein. The aim is to help students make sound decisions regarding their lives and career paths by providing numerous services and training programs that help them develop their skills and prepare them for a successful entrance into the labor market.

Princess Sumaya University of Technology, having comfortably reached the height of excellence, is fully deserving of having its story of greatness told, and we therefore present it to you with pleasure and pride. PSUT is a pioneering educational institution that combines excellence and innovation in all its fields of study. PSUT focuses on ensuring students a high level of education in all disciplines, which will enable them to contribute to the building of their country and keep pace with continuous global development. The university offers a range of academic disciplines designed specifically to suit the aspirations of young people at this time, enabling them to achieve their goals and build their future on solid academic grounds. This is in line with the vision of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of PSUT’s Board of Trustees, in encouraging creativity in the preparation of outstanding graduates, trained in unique specializations that keep abreast of the rapid technological development currently being witnessed by the world of technology and knowledge.


The major objective of the Office for Careers Guidance is to contribute to providing a suitable university environment for students to learn and acquire the expertise and skills that will increase their employability. This objective can be further broken down into the following sub-divisions:
1. Providing counseling services to students, offering the appropriate guidance and advice to help them evaluate different academic qualifications and the career-related demands that currently dominate the labor market in Jordan.
2. Providing current PSUT students and graduates with the opportunities to enhance their abilities and skills through training courses commensurate with the requirements of the labor market.
3. Promoting active civil involvement among university students through their participation in volunteer programs and projects that have a positive impact on their communities.
4. Strengthening partnerships between the public and private sectors, NGOs, international organizations and the university. 

Careers Guidance
Careers guidance in all its forms aims to steer and guide students through the various stages of study, helping each student to choose the appropriate specialization and occupation based on his/her abilities, mental and physical capabilities, and academic and career preferences. Forms of careers guidance:
  • Individual careers guidance
  • Group careers guidance
  • Individual e-careers guidance
  • Group Directive
The Office runs training programs that aim to develop students’ skills and abilities and empower them during the different stages of study so that they meet the requirements of the local and external labor market upon graduation. In addition to specialized training courses, the Office organizes workshops, opportunities to volunteer, and lectures to raise awareness in relevant subjects. The current focus for PSUT’s students is on the following:
  • Job-seeking and work skills
  • Training in entrepreneurial and self-employment skills
  • Training communication skills
  • Language training
  • Computer application training
  • Awareness, community and volunteer programs


Activities and Partnerships (Networking)
The Office brings together groups of companies from different sectors in seminars geared at educating and enabling students to plan their career paths, and also provides opportunities for PSUT students to get involved in volunteer work through networking with civil society and non-profit organizations. Networking events and partnerships aim to open channels of communication and build strategic and lasting relationships with relevant partners, public and private sector institutions, donor institutions, civil society organizations, trade unions, business associations, graduates, and recruitment companies, and maintain and develop these relationships to achieve the strategic objectives of the Office and the university. Networking activities and partnerships include the following services:
  • In-service training for employment purposes
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Part-time employment
  • Careers Fair
  • Recruitment websites and companies


Alumni Affairs

The Office works to provide PSUT students with internship programs to equip them with the practical experience and skills required in the various available sectors in the labor market. The Office also plays a major role in organizing the university's Careers Week events to connect students and graduates with public and private sector institutions. Current PSUT students are connected with graduates, thus motivating the students to follow the appropriate path to build their own careers. There is an ongoing process of communication between PSUT and its graduates, so that the graduates keep the university and its Schools informed of how their careers are developing and the university can thereby measure the extent of compatibility of its graduates with market needs. This ongoing contact also serves to increase the graduates' feelings of loyalty and belonging to the university. The following services are all part of the follow-up offered to PSUT alumni:
  • Alumni database
  • Organizing alumni meetings (Alumni Conference, Alumni Forum)
  • Follow-up of graduates’ career status
  • Data and studies
  • Success stories


Career Week

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