Communications Engineering - Committees

Engineering Student Advisory Board (ESAB)

The ESAB is a student committee, the members of which are chosen among the first to fifth year engineering students. The committee members are recommended by PSUT IEEE chairman. The ESAB members are expected to meet frequently and will provide the students' perspectives on various curriculum issues including the development and evaluation of the program objectives.

ESAB for the Academic Year 2022/2023:

Name Position
Dana FakhouryCouncil Chair & Council Secretary
Bissan Al-ZamilMember
Hala Za'balawyMember
Dania Abu-AlhassanMember
Laith Al-EboaMember
Dania Al-slaihatMember

Engineering Industrial Advisory Committee (EIAC)

The objectives of the Industrial Advisory Committee of engineering departments are to involve local industry in deliberations regarding the quality of the education provided by the institution.

Other objectives include:

  1. Identifying academic requirements of industrial companies
  2. Directing applied research in areas that can benefit the industrial sector
  3. Enriching faculty experiences by providing opportunities for consultation to industry
  4. Encouraging industrial companies to participate in short courses, seminars, and workshops organized by the department. 

EIAC for the Academic Year 2022/2023:

Name Position
Dr. Luae Al-Tarawneh

Council Chair Communication Engineering Dept. Head

Eng. Belal HafnawiCommissioner – Board Member Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
Eng. Basil Omari

Co-Founder/ Arrow For Enginering Solutions (Telcome Solution)

Eng. Feras Elbakri

Network Strategy and Architecture Manager/ Umniah

Eng.Farah Wahhab  

Mobile Access Network Engineering Manager/ Orange