As we explained previously, the first admission list is issued a week after the Tawjihi results in Jordan, then it is followed by a list approximately every two weeks.

Yes, all applicants must take the exam, regardless of their high school average.

If you pass the entrance exam successfully, an appointment will be made for your interview with the School committee.

Applications to the university are made online through the online student portal, click here.

You can stay where you are, and we will carry out the necessary steps through the Zoom program, where we will specify the time and date for the exam and the interview.

You can fill out the form in Arabic or English. You must fill in all the required fields for your application to be accepted.

First, you must successfully pass the entrance exam and the interview. After that, lists of accepted candidates will be issued every two weeks. The first list of those accepted will be issued one week after the Tawjihi exam results are announced.

The information must be correct otherwise your application will be canceled even if you have been issued with an acceptance notification. Therefore, be sure to check the information and confirm it before sending it, so that you can correct it at that time.

Your admission depends on the following:

1. You must pass the entrance exam, and the interview.

2. Competition between high averages in each batch.

3. The number of vacancies available in the specialization.

Yes. Click on the following link to see the: Student Guide

Yes, your name will be on the waiting list in your batch, and you will enter the competition with the following batch.

Wait for a phone call or e-mail informing you of the entrance exam date.