Good Youth Volunteer Club

The first voluntary club at Princess Sumaya University for Technology, the Good Youth Volunteer Club was founded in 2013. Its goal is to highlight the role of youth in service and giving, and to create fun programs associated with volunteer work.


The club’s activities and achievements:

  • Thursday 29/10/2020 – The club organized an online celebration of the anniversary of the Prophet's birthday. The ceremony included some speeches, songs and slogans in praise of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.
  •  The club made an educational video aimed at encouraging everyone to adhere to preventive public health measures. The Dean of Student Affairs participated in this video, in line with PSUT’s campaign under the title ‘Your commitment reflects your loyalty’.
  • January 2021 – The club launched the volunteering event entitled: "Daily Bread". Donations were distributed to many areas inside and outside Amman.
  •  15/3/2021 - The Good Youth Volunteer Club visited the clothing donation bank in order to help in sorting clothes.
  • The club organized a charitable campaign in Ramadan, aimed at providing aid to needy families under the slogan: “God has servants that He has singled out to meet people’s needs.”, 150 parcels were provided and distributed to families living in the Souf camp.
  • 11/5/2021 – Members of the club worked with the "We are for you" society to help them choose Eid outfits for 150 children.
  • 20/6/2021 – Club members made a second visit to the clothing donation bank in order to help in sorting clothes.
  • 29/6/2021 – Club members assisted the clothing bank by informing the families, in addition to preparing the hall ready to receive the beneficiaries.
  • 19/7/2021 – The club organized a volunteer day with the "We are for you" initiative, to help children choose their Eid outfits. Members also accompanied a group of children to the amusement park and supervised their play.
  • 17/8/2021 – The club organized a joint activity with the alzayzafon charitable Society for Orphaned and Poor Children, aimed at raising awareness among children about hygiene and protecting other people, and drawing murals and educational posters about the Coronavirus.
  • 1/9/2021 – The club organized a visit to the Academy of the Blind to share with the children their first day at the Academy. The blind children were welcomed and gifts were distributed to them at the end of the activity.
  • Saturday 2/10/2021 – Members of the club volunteered throughout the museum’s facilities for the Children's Museum Open Day.