International Student Services Office


Consolidating positive concepts about the university, and overcoming obstacles for international students.



  • Welcoming newly arrived students and assisting them in the admission and registration procedures.
  • Monitoring all matters related to the official transactions and procedures concerning students' residency in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and customs exemptions.
  • The Office assists students with all their needs throughout their studies and seeks to create family ties with them.
  • The Office organizes a forum for international student friends, which provides them with opportunities to meet with each other to exchange experiences and benefit from each other. It is an open forum for both international and Jordanian students.
  • The Office works with the Sports Activities Department in preparing programs for sports tournaments and friendly meetings between international students.
  • The president’s meeting with international students: During the academic year, the Office organizes a meeting between international students and PSUT’s president, giving them the opportunity to raise and discuss any issues and problems they may be facing.
  • The Office organizes many cultural activities that serve to integrate international students into the local community. The aim is to enhance their knowledge by learning about the cultures of other students and getting to know their customs and traditions. The most important of these activities is the annual International Student Festival, which includes booths representing the participating countries. Also, the Office prepares a periodical magazine especially for international students.
  • The Office regularly conducts a survey to determine the level of compatibility of international students, and to identify problems that students may confront in the academic, economic, social, emotional, and health fields. The Office also organizes activities in cooperation with the Community Service Office aimed at developing students’ social and psychological aspects via programs which serve various sectors of Jordanian society, such as caring for orphans, the disabled, and the elderly.
  • The Office organizes several trips to many cultural, tourist and archaeological sites in the Kingdom.


  • The Office assists students to find suitable housing, for which purpose it has agreements with the following:
  • Al-Fares student residence (for female students)
  • Al-Urjuwan student residence (for female students)
  • Al-Ridwan student residence (for male students)

These student residences meet with hotel specifications and are close to the university, available at reasonable prices and with 24 hour supervision.