This club, established in 2015, seeks to spread the culture of astronomy and cosmic physics, in addition to rare natural phenomena and the movements of the planets and the stars.



The club’s activities and achievements:

  • 27/11/2020 Organizing a specialized scientific symposium in cooperation with the Regional Center for Teaching Space Science and Technology for West Asia - Jordan, the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, the Jordanian Astronomical Society and the Center for Theoretical and Astrophysics, presented by:
  • Hanna Sabbat/ Deputy Director of the Center for Theoretical and Astrophysics, Regional Center
  • Ammar Al-Sakji / Vice President of the Jordanian Astronomical Society, Regional Center
  • Presented by: Ammar Bassem Al-Omari / PSUT,  These events were all held virtually.
  • Each week, general information was shared about some Arab Muslim scholars such as Ibn Al-Shater, the Damascene scholar who changed the world's perceptions of the universe, and Mariam al Astrulabi.
  • Organizing a joint competition between the Astronomy Club and the Drawing Club to draw the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, a rare astronomical event that occurs approximately every 20 years. It last occurred on 21/12/2020.
  • 7/4/2021 - A lecture on astronomy was held, entitled “The Constellations between Astronomy and Astrology”, and presented by the astronomy trainer, Dalal Allala.
  • 30/4/2021 - A scientific symposium was organized about radio astronomy. It was presented by the lecturer, Dr. Ali Abdul Karim Al-Taani from Al-Balqa Applied University, a member of the International Astronomical Union, via Zoom.
  • 6/5/2021 - A lecture about astronomy was presented via Zoom by Mr. Muhammad Bakr Rehan, under the title ‘The Unfathomable Bodies of the Universe’.