QS University Rankings

The QS World University Ranking employs a robust set of indicators to thoroughly assess universities and provide a comprehensive evaluation of their performance. These indicators are carefully selected to encompass vital aspects such as academic and employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, and research citations. By considering these key factors, the ranking offers a holistic perspective on a university's standing, taking into account its educational quality, engagement with the job market, student-faculty interaction, and research impact. This ensures that the ranking captures the multifaceted nature of a university's performance and facilitates informed decision-making for students, researchers, and institutions alike.

PSUT QS World University Ranking

PSUT QS Arab Region University Ranking

In 2024 Princess Sumaya University for Technology  came within the (901-950) category in QS World University Rankings

In 2023, Princess Sumaya University for Technology ranked second locally, after the University of Jordan, in all QS-2023 World University Rankings axes and came within the (801-1000) category. It took the top position locally in the Graduate Employment Index.
In 2022, PSUT was ranked second among Jordanian universities and entered the (801-1000) category globally. This marks an improvement of 6% in its position in this category, despite the 10% increase in the number of universities included in the rankings in 2022. PSUT also ranked first nationally in the criterion of the ratio of the number of published research articles to the number of faculty members. It also moved ahead in the criteria of the rate of scientific research citations per faculty member, the number of international students, the reputation of graduates in the labor market, and employers' satisfaction with them. 

PSUT QS World University Ranking by Subject, 2023

Princess Sumaya University for Technology has maintained its ranking among the top 400-450 universities in the world, and it is the only private Jordanian university ranked in the QS Subject Ranking 2023 for all of its programs in the Computer Science and Information Systems disciplines.

The ranked disciplines include Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Computer Engineering, Network and Information Security Engineering, Business Information Technology, and Communication Engineering/Internet of Things.

The results showed progress in all ranking criteria compared to last year's results, as the university achieved a 115% increase in academic reputation, as well as a 102% increase in employer reputation. Progress was also made in the scientific citations of research papers and the H-index criteria, with a 105% increase for each axis.

PSUT QS World University Ranking by Subject, 2022 

PSUT is ranked 401-450 in the QS World University Ranking by Subject, 2022, for Computer Science and Information Systems. 

In 2023 PSUT achieved the first place between Jordanian private universities, third place locally, and ranks 42 in the Arab world in QS Arab University Rankings.

In 2022, PSUT achieved advanced positions in the QS Arab University Rankings. The university jumped to the rank of 45th in the Arab world. 

In 2021, PSUT achieved advanced positions in the QS Arab University Rankings, obtaining first place locally for the third consecutive year, and 15th in the Arab world, in the criterion of the number of published research papers per faculty member. It also took first place locally and 16th in the Arab world in the criterion of the number of citations per scientific paper, the first locally and in the Arab world in the criterion of the percentage of faculty members who hold a PhD, and the first nationally in the percentage of international students.

According to these rankings, PSUT jumped to be the first among private universities, the fourth nationally, and 38th in the Arab world, out of 1,300 universities. This represents a rise of 4 places from 2020, and 16 places over the past 4 years.