The Dean's Message


The Deanship of Admissions and Registration is the most important supporting deanship at PSUT. A crucial part of its duties and mission is to strive to provide the best services for students, faculty members, the Schools, centers, and society . It is the first gateway by which students enter the university and the final gate by which they exit at graduation, thus it is the responsibility of the Deanship to follow the students’ academic process from the moment of admission to the university, right through to graduation.

The Deanship is also tasked with making available all information about the university, its Schools and specializations, as well as publishing the conditions governing admission to the university, the rules and regulations for the granting of Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degrees, and study plans, in coordination with the deanships and members of the teaching and administrative bodies and academic advisors. The Deanship also deals with internal and external scholarship programs and joint programs with American and European universities. In addition, it monitors the status of graduate students and maintains contact with them, in accordance with the university's vision, mission and goals.

 The Deanship has recently put its focus on the process of academic advising, especially after becoming a member of the Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA), in addition to monitoring the application of quality assurance requirements through increased information and implementation of the regulations, and the audit of the academic situation, paying attention to academic standards and development.

The Deanship is working hard to introduce new technologies that contribute to improving working procedures and thus providing better services to our dear students, in a timely and highly professional manner.

In conclusion, we are committed, by the grace of God, to make the Deanship of Admissions and Registration at PSUT stand out among Jordanian universities and others in the region. We wish our dear students continued success during their studies and a bright future after graduation.


Dean of Admissions and Registration