Basic Sciences Department

The Department of Basic Sciences is an important department in the School of Engineering, The task of the department is to teach the students from all Schools the basic sciences of Mathematics, Physics, and Technical Writing and Communication Skills.

The Department of Basic Sciences is essential in the School of Engineering and PSUT. The department's task is to teach students from all Schools the basic sciences of Mathematics, Physics, Technical Writing, and Communication Skills, intending to raise their academic levels in these crucial fields to be on par with high international standards.

The department comprises fifteen mathematics and physics faculty members with excellent teaching records who have contributed enormously to research. Our three administration officers also possess outstanding job experience histories.

The department is marked by a friendly, supportive, mutually respectful atmosphere, and that cordial relationship is extended to other departments and units.

Department Council

Each of the university's academic departments has its council consisting of the academic staff of the department of the rank of instructor and above. The councils hold regular meetings chaired by the head of the department to discuss department-related issues such as academic programs, teaching methods, learning resources, course offerings, and student registration.

The Department Council also provides advice to the chairperson of the department on such issues as:

      1. Proposals for new courses

      2. Academic assessments

      3. Teaching and learning issues within the department

Basic Sciences Department Council (2022-2023)

Name Position
Dr. Mahmoud Dar AssiCouncil Chair
Prof. Mashhoor RefaiMember
Prof. Mohammad Sababheh
Dr. Fida Moh'dMember
Dr. Khaldoun TarawnehMember
Dr. Mamoon AhmedMember
Dr. Maisa KhaderMember
Dr. Samia BushnaqMember
Dr. Abeer JaradatMember
Eng. Fadia El-IssaMember
Ms. Raja'a AL-QderatMember
Mr. Tareq AldaraghmehMember
Mr. Omar ZayedMember
Mr. Omar YasinMember
Mr. Yousef Abu HourMember

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Dept. Head

Dr. Mahmoud DarAssi


Dept. Head Ext: 5510

Dept. Sec. Ext: 5509