Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security

Entry Requirements 

  • The student must have a Jordanian high school diploma or its equivalent

  • The student’s average should not be less than the limits announced by the university to compete for admission in the current academic year for the purpose of joining the university’s faculties.

  • Admission to the university is based on the principle of competition according to the university entrance examination, and the higher the student’s mark in this examination, the greater his chance of admission.

  • The student must submit an application to the Deanship of Admission and Registration, and complete all required documents on the specified date, after paying the application fee (non-refundable) 

  • In the application for admission, the applicant determines the majors according to the faculties, in order of the priority of his desire

  • Accepted students are distributed to the colleges of the university within the limits of the numbers to be accepted in each college according to the absorptive capacity of each study program according to the priorities of their desires and the sequence of their rates, and admission is made on a competitive basis.

  • The student must not have been previously dismissed from Princess Sumaya University for Technology or any other university for disciplinary reasons.

  •  The student’s fulfillment of the admission requirements for the required major, and the submission of an application for admission, does not mean admission to the university. Rather, the student is accepted as a final acceptance if the student meets the competition criteria and passes the admission exam held by the university.