President's Statement - Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija

Thank you for visiting our website, whether you are a prospective student interested in learning more about what we have to offer, whether as a visitor, a current university community member, an existing or future interested partner, an alumni, or anyone from Jordan or beyond. Thank you for your trust and interest in our great institution!

I am delighted to welcome you to Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), a leading Jordanian University with a strong track in teaching and research excellence that puts the student at the center of everything we stand for.

I am honored and proud to serve as the PSUT's fourth president and its first female president.

The prevalence of globalization is increasing in our time. The way we talk to one another, work, and learn, as well as how we go about our daily lives, are all influenced by the speed with which information can now be transmitted. We understand that fit for purpose higher education is critical to capitalizing on the world's challenges and opportunities. We are also cognizant of the fact that a degree from an esteemed institution and a carefully considered academic major are prerequisites for a prosperous professional life in the modern world. As a result, PSUT is proud of its academic collaboration with prestigious international universities, our international accreditations that serve as a seal of the excellence at PSUT, the state of the art facilities, the immense opportunities we offer to students, and our significant contribution to Jordan’s national goals and aims for a prosperous society.

PSUT University combines many of the benefits of a large university, such as innovative programs, world-renowned faculty, cutting-edge research facilities, and real-world learning opportunities, with the personalized attention and close-knit culture of a small, non for profit institution. We think differently and foster that in students. I encourage you to expect great things from them and us and the stakeholders with which we intersect.

This is done through a wide range of routes starting from offering a distinctive blend of professional studies that equips our students with real-world learning opportunities, knowledge, and experience required to build successful careers.

Our undergraduate majors provide a general education foundation that helps students develop the critical thinking, teamwork skills, and effective communication that employers increasingly demand from graduates. Our programs, which range from computer and information technology to engineering to business technology, prepare students for jobs in the global market. On the other hand, the University seeks to train its research postgraduates in the development of sound research skills, the acquisition of the most recent theoretical knowledge, the development of critical thinking skills in their chosen fields of study, and the professional, expert, and ethical conduct of research in their areas of specialization.

Our focus at PSUT is on a truly student centered experience where students thrive in a diverse and dynamic environment that supports their success. To enable this, we continue to be proud of our close and extensive relationship with the industry and private sector and have a solid and growing base of partnerships that support our mission of providing excellence in education and research to enable the next generation of young leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who will build a better Jordan, contribute to its knowledge-based economy and make the region and world a better place.  We understand that in addition to their academic pursuits, our students aspire to achieve their ambitions and to lead rich lives, and this necessitates nurturing throughout their journey at PSUT. While the campus itself is conducive to learning, PSUT has much more to offer. It enlightens and challenges the status quo.

PSUT is proud to provide students with a diverse range of academic options as well as opportunities to study with a distinguished faculty dedicated to an interactive teaching approach. We are dedicated to a student-centered, discussion-based teaching approach and to setting rigorous academic expectations for our students. We are committed to giving students the individual attention, support, and care they need to succeed and reach their full potential.

Our goal is to help students develop a more international outlook. We want to equip students with the background information, hands-on experience, and multicultural understanding they'll need to discover, learn, question, create, and succeed as contributing members of global society in their chosen fields.

PSUT is always forward looking, and we are embarking on a new strategic plan that will capitalize on our strengths in order to further our mission as a premier higher educational institution. Student, faculty, and staff success; transformational research and discovery; diversity, equity, and inclusion; holistic well-being; and community engagement and impact are among our institutional priorities.

Finally, and as I embark on my leadership of this great institution, building on a successful track of more than 32 years since establishment, I am particularly proud of the passion that is shared by everyone associated with this institution, from students and faculty, our partners, and our approximately 9000 alumni who serve as the proof our dedication and fulfillment of our mission and vision.

PSUT has a remarkable story to tell, and I am eager to spread the word about it. I encourage you to visit our website to become better acquainted with developments at PSUT, our achievements and plans, our growing infrastructure of new buildings and facilities, and, above all, our unyielding commitment to overall excellence, creativity, and community.

I look forward to seeing you on campus in the near future.



Wejdan Abu Elhaija