The Department of Sports Activities


To work to attract the largest possible number of students to practice sports activities by creating a safe and suitable sports environment for holding sports events, all of which is reflected in the development of a sense of belonging, and the encouragement of excellence and creativity among students.



  • Encouraging PSUT’s students and employees to practice free sports and offering them training according to their levels, following specific programs.
  • Recruiting athletically outstanding students from around the Kingdom and providing them with the necessary support through sports grants of up to 75%, according to the regulations for sports excellence.
  • Giving students the opportunity to practice a range of sports and games.
  • Arranging internal sports tournaments to strengthen social relations between PSUT students and build a generation that practices good morals and upright behavior.
  • Strengthening the relationship with the local community through the establishment of sports activities and events that serve and support the local community.
  • Building bridges of cooperation and acquaintance between Jordanian university students through organizing and participating in championships at the level of Jordanian universities.
  • Raising the skill and technical level of the university teams by attracting excellent coaches in various sports.
  • Helping to introduce the local and international community to PSUT through organizing or participating in tournaments both at home and abroad.
  • Supporting and honoring the winners and distinguished competitors in various sports activities at the levels of PSUT, Jordan, the Arab countries, and the world.


Other activities under the supervision of the Department:

  • El Hassan Youth Award
  • The Online Gaming Club was the first to be established at the level of Jordanian universities.
  • Blood donation campaigns on campus.

Brochures & References: