Princess Sumaya University for Technology's Theater Group

It is easy to find the real theater teacher, as the Polish theatre director Krzysztof Warlikowski said in his World Theater Day Message in 2015:

"The true masters of the theater are most easily found far from the stage. And they generally have no interest in theater as a machine for replicating conventions and reproducing clichés. They search out the pulsing source, the living currents that tend to bypass performance halls and the throngs of people bent on copying some world or another. We copy instead or create worlds that are focused or even reliant on debate with an audience, on emotions that swell below the surface. Indeed, there is nothing that can reveal hidden passions better than the theater."


The world in its all components are the real teacher of theater; we copy the world on the Stage.

Theater involves group work, from the writer to the director, actors, technicians, etc. and that work crowns the theater work that shines from PSUT. Our mission is to help the students to be able to acquire the sophistications of humanitarian dimensions in the shadows of globalization that is gradually pushing us further away from our culture and identity.

All of this can be achieved by the efforts of the best of PSUT's students, supervisors, and followers, under the supervision of the Department of Arts Activities.

PSUT's theater group was established in 2005 and since that time has gained numerous awards and made excellent contributions to the Student Theater Festival in Jordan.

We have performed more than 60 works and participated in most of PSUT's events and occasions.