Mission & Goals


The Internal Audit Office serves the university's various Schools and departments and assists them in discharging their responsibilities efficiently and effectively to achieve the university's main objectives. This is achieved through the practice of the Office’s independent and objective review activity, which involves identifying, evaluating and alerting the university administration to the major risk areas, and contributing to improvements in risk management systems, internal controls and governance.

The Internal Audit Office works consistently to ensure that its employees have the knowledge, skills and competency required to carry out their responsibilities in line with internal auditing standards, while adhering to the principles of professional conduct for internal auditing. This is positively reflected in the added value of its services and the improvement in its performance.



  1. To examine, evaluate and improve the efficiency and adequacy of internal auditing systems, risk management and institutional steering at the university.
  2. To review existing work systems and procedures to verify their conformity with the laws, regulations, policies, methodologies and plans developed, and determine their adequacy and degree of compliance.
  3. To verify the soundness of financial and accounting procedures and their correct application in accordance with financial realities by adopting the accepted standards in internal auditing and control.
  4. To examine the means used to protect assets and verify their actual existence.
  5. To ensure compliance with the rules, regulations, plans and procedures approved by PSUT’s Board of Trustees.
  6. To evaluate available resources to ensure that they are optimally utilized.
  7. To verify the integrity of the university’s admissions and registration procedures and to apply them in a manner consistent with the university's rules and regulations, as well as in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education.
  8. To provide opinions, advice and recommendations regarding the development and updating of the university’s work systems and procedures in order to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.