Bachelor of E-Marketing and Social Media

This program provides students with a comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding of how to effectively use e-marketing and social media tools, SEO, website marketing, and more


The Bachelor of E-Marketing and Social Media program is Jordan's only (CIM) accredited degree. It aims to provide students with a balanced combination of theory and practical knowledge that enables them to effectively explore the integrated and ever-changing world of e-marketing and technology. The program is geared toward providing the labor market with highly-skilled and competent graduates.

The program stands out as a specialization that businesses are demanding. And the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) accreditation allows students to get industry-recognized qualifications acceleratedly. Students are guided and provided lectures by distinguished faculty members who graduated from prestigious international universities. This program offers a holistic acquaintance in marketing, starting with the stepping stones of marketing fundamentals, going through various marketing courses such as an introduction to e-marketing, social media marketing, integrated e-marketing communication, website marketing, search engine marketing, and more.

Upon completing the program, students will be knowledgeable of versatile digital marketing paths that pave the way for them to guarantee a seat in the labor market. 

Departmental graduation requirements:

In addition to the university and college requirements, the student must successfully pass (81) credit hours of study related to the program field, distributed as follows: (66) credit hours as compulsory requirements and (15) credit hours as elective requirements.

Fields of work for graduates:

The Bachelor of e-marketing and social media allows graduates to work in different marketing fields and digital marketing positions at various for-profit and non-profit organizations, such as: (Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Analyst, Digital Media Planning, Social Media Manager, Email Marketer, Performance Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Communication Manager, SEO Specialist, Web Analyst, Affiliated Marketing Executive, and Mobile Marketing Executive. Additionally, graduates can launch their businesses in one of the many fields covered in their study.

Bachelor of  E-Marketing and Social Media