Electrical Engineering Department

The Department prepares graduates with scientific and professional capabilities and a strong foundation in mathematics, basic sciences, and basic electrical engineering, as well as selected areas in Electronic or Electrical Power and Energy Engineering.

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers the following degrees:

Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering

Electrical Power and Energy Engineering

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Master's Degree in Engineering Management

The department prioritizes improving teaching standards and works hard to develop curriculums to keep pace with a rapidly changing work environment. The BSc. degree in Electronic Engineering is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET). The mission of the Department of Electrical Engineering is to provide students with a high standard of education and perform quality research.

The department prepares graduates with scientific and professional capabilities and a strong foundation in mathematics, basic sciences, electrical engineering, and selected areas in Electronic Engineering or Electrical Power and Energy Engineering. Students are also trained to use the most current scientific and practical approaches to finding solutions in electrical engineering disciplines and be prepared to use good decision-making processes to reach the appropriate solution to engineering issues.

The most important outcomes of the offered programs are a broad knowledge of basic mathematics, engineering mathematics, the basic sciences, and electrical engineering science. With this wide range of experience, students have the necessary tools to analyze electrical and electronic circuits and equipment, creating the possibility of designing experiments to meet desired results and the ability to design engineering systems or a process to provide needed engineering solutions or demonstrate a product. Throughout their study in the department, students also learn the critical skill of working effectively within a group.

Department Council

Each of the university's academic departments has its council consisting of the academic staff of the department of the rank of instructor and above. The councils hold regular meetings chaired by the head of the department to discuss department-related issues such as academic programs, teaching methods, learning resources, course offerings, and student registration.

The Department Council also provides advice to the chairperson of the department on such issues as:

  1. Proposals for new courses
  2. Academic assessments
  3. Teaching and learning issues within the department

Electrical Engineering Department Council (2022-2023)

Name Position
Prof. Fadi ShahrouryCouncil Chair
Prof. Wejdan Abu ElhaijaMember
Dr. Ahmad TawayhaMember
Dr. Ayman FazaMember
Dr. Majd BatarsehMember
Dr. Khaldoon MhaidatMember
Dr. Hani AhmadMember
Dr. Omar MohamedMember
Dr. Ibrahim AbuishmaisMember
Dr. Rafat AljarrahMember
Dr. Qusay SalemCouncil Secretary

Electrical Engineering Graduate Studies Committee (2022-2023)

Name Position
Prof. Fadi ShahrouryCouncil Chair
Prof. Omar Bani AhmadMember
Dr. Majd BatarsehMember
Dr. Amjed Al-MousaMember
Dr. Samia BushnaqMember

For more information

Dept. Head

Prof. Fadi Shahroury

Email: ee_eng@psut.edu.jo

Tel.: Ext. 5503