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To start mapping your courses, you can download the "Learning Agreement" here.

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Q: I have an expired IELTS/TOEFL; is that acceptable?

A: No, unfortunately, you will have to re-take the exam to have a current certificate at the time of application.


Q: I spoke with my family and I want to go to USA, so what's next?

A: Please follow these steps:

1. Start by visiting the websites of our American partner universities and looking at what programs they offer.

2. Once you make up your mind and choose a university, download our Learning Agreement and start by listing the classes that you want to take there to begin the Academic mapping process.

3. When your list is ready, contact us at the International Relations Office by emailing your Learning Agreement to int.rel.off@psut.edu.jo for the next steps.


Q: I am already done, or almost done with my undergraduate program, can I go for a master's degree directly?

A: Yes, you can, the process is the same.  But you might need a little more than one year for the master's degree.


Q: I hold a US citizenship/passport, how does that affect my application?

A: 1. You will not be required to go through the F1 visa steps with the American Embassy.

2. You may not need to submit financial documentation (this rule differs among universities).

3. You will still need to meet the English proficiency requirement if your pre-university degree is from outside the United States.

4. With regard to the tuition scholarship, most universities will still offer you in-state tuition since the agreement covers PSUT students regardless of their nationality.  But this rule differs among some of our partners.


Q: What about the course "Military Sciences" (علوم عسكرية)? Do I still have to take it?

A: The Ministry of Higher Education mandates that any student with Jordanian nationality must take this class to qualify for a Bachelor's Degree.


Q: When will I receive my I20/SEVIS number so I can apply at the American Embassy for a student/F1 visa appointment?

A: I20 forms for the fall semester usually start being issued Mid January.


Q: Do I have pay PSUT anything for its services?

A: PSUT is glad to offer such special opportunities to its special students free of charge. The only fee that you need to pay PSUT before you leave the country is the semester fees for each semester you plan to spend abroad until you graduate with your Bachelor's degree. This fee is mandatory by the Ministry of Higher Education since you are counted for a seat at PSUT campus. Semester fees currently are JOD 300  and JOD 150 for Summer Semesters (if applicable).