Next Steps

If you are interested to study abroad, reading the below steps will help clarify things more in terms of starting your journey

We recommend you visit the websites of the universities you are eligible for (see options per Faculty/School below),use their online "fees calculator", and study your options for the master degree at each university, or just study the courses offered by the final yearat their bachelor degrees which you might be interested to take.

Once you discuss the matter with your family and have a final decision to travel, we suggest the following steps:

  • Start preparing for the TOEFL/IELTS/Duo-lingo English test.

  • Write down the final-year classes that you wish to take in the States, and send us an email with those class names at and

  • After you email us your classes, you should start an online applying via the website of your chosen university,and make sure you check the deadline date for their application acceptance; noting that in the United States,semesters start earlier and deadlines are much earlier than ours in Jordan. You may start uploading requested documents, including your unofficial transcripts so far, which you can download from the regnew system. Once you have most of the requested documents uploaded, please email us your application number and/or correct name spelling and/or the email address you used for the application.

please always use these email addresses when you contact us: and