Fees & Scholarships

  • The student pays the set PSUT tuition fees due for the period of time he/she spends studying at PSUT.

  • Interested students should follow the instructions shared with them in this brochure and on PSUT’s website.

    They should plan at least one year ahead in order to be ready to start their first semesters abroad in Fall. Should any questions arise during the application process, they maycontact the listed contact people at PSUT.

  • Each student must present three recommendation letters from professors who taught them at PSUT.

  • PSUT students receive a discount or partial scholarship by paying in-state tuition fees which are equivalent to

    between (33-45%) of the tuition fees at the American university during the period of his/her studies there.

  • The student is responsible for all other expenses such as accommodation, travel, obtaining a visa from the US Embassy, and health insurance.

  • A deposit of 1000 Jordanian dinars must be made at PSUT by the student who wishes to join any of the joint programs with American universities upon submission of the application, in exchange for the services of admission, registration, follow-up, course equivalency and keeping his/her seat at PSUT. This amount is used as follows:-

    • In the event the student is accepted, all semester registration fees are deducted from the 1000 JOD to the sum of 300 JOD for each semester spent abroad (150 JOD for summer semester), according to the rules and regulations in force at that time. The remainder, if any, is credited to the student’s account

    • The full amount will be returned to the student if he/she is not accepted by the American university.

    • A sum of 500 dinars will be deducted if the student is accepted but does not join the program for any reason.