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Joint Programs with Oakland University- Rochester, Michigan (OU)

If you missed the Zoom Orientation session this year, which was followed by a special Q&A session by representatives from Oakland University, you can watch the below video recording and see their slides by clicking here.

4+1+1 Joint-degree for all Engineering programs; Bachelor PSUT / Master OU

3+1+1 Joint-degree for all IT programs; Bachelor PSUT / Master OU

PSUT students of all disciplines can study in any of the undergraduate or postgraduate programs (Master's and Ph.D.) can apply to study for a semester or two at OU for up to one year (12 months).

Stage 1: The student studies all years of the undergraduate program at PSUT, except for the last year.

Stage 2: Student goes on to study the final year at OU.

Stage 3: If the student is accepted to the postgraduate program at OU, 12 credit hours from the first year there will be accredited. This makes it possible to reduce the study period for the graduate program to 1 year.

Admission requirements

- Cumulative average for courses at PSUT should be no less than 75%.

- English Proficiency Certificate (79 in TOEFL, or 6.5 in IELTS)

- Applicants for postgraduate studies do not require the GRE examination.

What are the conditions of the program?

  1. PSUT’s bachelor students should have a minimum cumulative average of 75% and master students equivalent to at least GPA 3.0
  2. The student applies for admission to OU, which includes obtaining a certificate of English proficiency. The student should achieve a mark of 79 in the TOEFL exam, or 6.5 in IELTS to be able to start studying the specialization courses.
  3. Bachelor students now at OU must register at least 12 credit hours and maximum 16 credit hours each semester, and master students between 8 and 12 credit hours.
  4. Upon completion of the credit hours to be studied at OU, the courses taken will be accredited according to the student’s discipline at PSUT, after the student requests to send a transcript by OU to PSUT’s Deanship of Admissions and Registration to obtain the undergraduate degree.
  5. If the student is accepted into any of the Master's or PhD programs at OU, a maximum of 12 credit hours may be accredited from the hours studied during the undergraduate program at OU.


-Oakland University does not charge quarterly fees.

-PSUT graduate students do not require the GRE exam when applying for admission.

- A maximum of twenty students will be accepted each year for this scholarship.


ASAP - American Study Abroad Program

- Open to all Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. students of all disciplines in PSUT’s Schools of Business, Computing, and Engineering.

- Undergraduate students study min of 12 and max of 16 credit hours per semester at OU, while graduate students can take min 8 and max of 12 credit hours.

Admission requirements

- The student should be in the second year of his/her study program with a minimum average of 70%.

- Undergraduate and graduate students must obtain an English proficiency certificate, (79) TOEFL or (6.5) IELTS.

Tuition fees and an approximate cost of study at OU:  (in-state)

- For 12 credit hours in the Bachelor’s program, approximately $ 10.239, and Master’s program, approx $ 8.216.

- Average cost of living per semester (including housing and food) is approximately $ 5,100.

- OU’s health insurance plan is approximately $ 652.

- There are no financial charges for enrolling at OU and the student pays no quarterly fees.


Useful links for course mapping:

Check out the Major Requirements on the pages below. There is also a sample schedule provided at the end. If you click on a course, you will get the course description (one paragraph):
Note: For Business students, use the capstone course "MGT 4350 Management Strategies and Policies" as a graduation project substitute.
Q: Can I work while I am studying at OU?

A: As an F-1 non-degree seeking student (at least for the first year, the student completes credits at OU that transfer back to PSUT) the student would not be eligible for what is called Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or the authorization to work off-campus in your field of study. You could do something non-paid that is more informal, like a job shadow at a company or something like that. Once you transition to the master's program, you would need to be in F-1 status for two semesters to be eligible to be authorized for (CPT). So this would be possible as part of a master's program at OU.

With respect to full-time status, 12 credits is full-time at the undergraduate level and 8 is full-time at the master's level:

In a degree-seeking program, you can be less than full time in only a few circumstances, such as having issues with English in your first semester, health/medical, and in your last semester if you are getting the balance of credits for your degree program.

In a non-degree situation, it would be a stretch for OU to authorize less than full time in that case. However,  it would be no problem once you have transitioned to the master's, you could for example only have a few credits in your last semester and be authorized for a part-time or a full-time CPT.

In other words, If you have be in F1 status for 8 months by the time you have started the master's program, you would be eligible for part-time CPT (off campus) as long as you are registered full time.   If you come to OU for your last undergraduate year in F1 status, it will count toward that 8 months.


Q: What about the Graduation Project? How can I take it abroad?"

A: You can take the following Capstone class: MGT 4350 Management Strategies and Policies, which is the capstone general education for business students.


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